People's Food System Summit

We are excited to announce that Equal Exchange is hosting our first-ever People’s Food System Summit (PFSS). You are an integral part in making this event a success. The PFSS aims to create a space for Action Forum members, Equal Exchange worker-owners, and farmer partners to network, connect, and work together toward the creation of a people’s food system. This year we have begun to sow the seeds for a grassroots movement to build a truly democratic food system, and we need your participation.

Join Us

WHEN: Friday, June 9 and Saturday, June 10, 2017

WHAT: This will be the first-ever Equal Exchange People’s Food System Summit and gathering of the entire Equal Exchange community that connects all parts of our supply chain. Our goals are to organize Action Forum members, farmer partners, and worker-owners together in this physical space.


  • Workshops on how climate change is affecting producers, the mainstreaming of the Fair Trade movement, consolidation of the food system, alternative co-op models, and more. See below for bios of a few of the speakers!
  • Tours of Equal Exchange production and distribution facilities. 
  • Party at our headquarters with Equal Exchange staff and other Action Forum members. 

This day is devoted to Action Forum members getting together to discuss, vote and plan on how we can organize ourselves to build a more democratic food system in the upcoming year and beyond.

WHERE: Stonehill College in North Easton, MA and Equal Exchange Headquarters in West Bridgewater, MA 

*Food and accommodation will be provided by Equal Exchange on Thursday, June 8, and Friday, June 9.

How to Participate

  1. First become an Action Forum member. Not a member yet? It's easy to join! More info here. 
  2. Once you're a member, let us know you plan to attend the summit by filling out this simple survey. Please respond by May 20, 2017 so we know you're coming.   

Questions? Feel free to contact us at

Confirmed Speakers

Phil Howard is an associate professor in the Department of Community Sustainability at Michigan State University and a member of International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems.Phil has been researching the consolidation of the food system since 1984 which  considers all steps required to produce food and get to our plates- from farming and processing to distribution and consumption.

Miguel Mateo is the commercial manager of Manos Campesinas, a small-farmer organization based in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Manos Campesinas has more than 1200 farmer members and exports fair trade and organic coffee to the US and Europe. Miguel has worked with Manos Campesinas for more than 15 years and has deep understanding of the challenges of advancing a small-farmer supply chain in the global market. 

Edith Huber is the creator of the buying club called Authentic Provisions just outside of Ann Arbor, MI. Edith is passionate about food. Her organization Authentic Provisions views food as a life source, an art, and a vital part of our community. It is the intention of Authentic Provisions to re-connect our community to what sustains us, brings us health, and centers us back to each other and our community farmers, producers, artists, musicians, and entrepreneurs.