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Equal Exchange's 2020 Summit

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Equal Exchange’s Annual Summit

  • When: June 5th-6th, 2020 (with optional welcome dinner on June 4th)
  • Where: Wheaton College, Norton, MA

Equal Exchange’s annual summits have been the culmination of what we are building with our organizing work. Over the past 4 years we have built a grassroots movement in service of a truly democratic food system. This event is the manifestation of a deeply connected community of like-minded individuals who care, want to be a part of making our food system better, and want to help Equal Exchange flourish as an alternative trade organization in an increasingly consolidated marketplace. Join our inspiring community for two days of workshops, organizing, and celebration with all parts of the Equal Exchange community. We will be joined by Equal Exchange worker-owners, producer partners, and citizen-consumers, like you! To succeed we need this movement to grow, we need your participation. 

Stay tuned for exciting keynote speaker announcements and other program updates soon. There will be more details to come regarding logistics and the event schedule. Interested in being part of this event or this movement in general? Fill out the form below so we can connect with you!


Have more questions about the Summit? Call or email Emily at 508-427-5203, eambrose@equalexchange.coop. Interested in learning more about the summit and getting more information about the Citizen-Consumer Community at Equal Exchange? Join us for one of our upcoming virtual member meetings, every second Wednesday of the month!

  • Wednesday February 12th 7PM EST
  • Wednesday March 11th 7PM EST

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What citizen-consumers are saying about their summit experiences: 

“The 2019 summit gave me an op-portunity to learn more about the history of the cooperative, what drives its work, the contributions its made in the lives of its smallholder coffee suppliers, and its commitment to revisiting its own governance, marketing and community engagement strategies to better realize its ideals while continuing to deliver high quality, fair trade products.”

- Lindsey, WI

“I really loved the diversity of the attendees, diverse in interests, concerns, age and ethnicity. There are so many angles from which one can look at social and food justice. Attending really expanded my views, and I learned a lot about coffee and spices as well. Altogether, a very enriching and inspiring experience.”

- Lucy, MA

“Occasionally, you attend an event for lack of a better thing to do on a weekend. It's free and you missed the place where the event takes place. (You went to school in New England.) Then that event alters how you view consumerism and you are inspired to be a better member of the insanely consumerist society. You simply want to do better. “

 -Benedicto, NY

I have always been an Equal Exchange fan, but every time I attend an event put on by Equal Exchange I am even more humbled and enthusiastic about the mission and the great work that is being done to promote REAL fair trade in a way that matters. I am telling more and more people everywhere I go about why they should buy and promote Equal Exchange coffee and chocolate especially, but about the company in general and the other products. The fact that it is a worker owned co-op is important for people to know and understand the impact.

- Katharine, VT

“Thank you Equal Exchange for providing such an engaging and inspiring experience to join others in a common struggle for fair trade and economic justice! It was an immense pleasure to gather with like-minded folks who are doing great work in their communities. I hope to attend this in the future as the movement grows! Keep up the amazing work you do everyday! “

-Holly, PA 

“It was truly inspiring to be surrounded by people enthusiastic about this alternative business culture. The summit was a breeding ground for rich discussions focused on difficult realities, and possible solutions. I was very grateful to get to know more about EE's history and vision for the future.”

- Madeleine, VT