What's the Buzz?

What's the Buzz?

I LOVE having a fundraiser that offers products that are high quality and our school gets 40% profits! It's a win-win-win situation.

— Erika Dekker, Living Stones Academy, MI

I LOVE Equal Exchange and Fair Trade products because when people buy them, they know they are helping our school and helping the growers, too — a great treat.

— Miguel, student at St. Martin of Tours Academy, CA

Like I said after the spring fundraising, I'll say the same thing again after this fall fundraiser — Equal Exchange is the most phenomenal company! The Equal Exchange fundraiser is easy as pie. I have nothing but praise. And Equal Exchange has the most amazing customer service!

— Melissa Puster, Montessori School of Wooster, OH

The kids were excited about the products and it was truly a teachable moment to talk about Fair Trade business practices from a science lens. And, we raised enough money to buy four new wireless microscopes that project the image to iPads for our laboratory — yay!

— Carly Ziegler, Steamboat Springs Middle School, CO

The Equal Exchange fundraiser has been wonderful! I like the premise behind it — supporting small farmers. The fundraiser was well organized and had generous profits for the school.

— Christine Hubert, Dartmouth Early Learning Center, MA

This is the third consecutive year my 8th grade French students will be doing an Equal Exchange fundraiser. I've long been a Fair Trade kind of guy, but hadn't thought about the possibilities for my students until I met an Equal Exchange representative at a language education conference. I especially like the site's classroom resources, which I use alongside the fundraiser to get students thinking about where the things we eat come from and why many people prefer to buy Fair Trade products. Our fundraiser usually starts around Halloween, when kids have chocolate on the brain and often in their mouths. Equal Exchange's slide presentation on chocolate and its explanation of its origins in West Africa tie well into our curriculum, which includes study of that region. It's a real eye-opener for my students to think that young children are often the ones harvesting the chocolate we consume in this country. Ultimately, we split the money from our fundraiser in two: half funds community development projects in Mali and the other half helps defray the cost of a spring field trip to New York City that includes a stop at a West African craft market.

— Douglass Crouse, Teacher of French, Sparta Middle School, NJ