Brewing it up in Boston for SCAA

Cindy Mowry
March 29, 2013

We are super excited to have the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) host its annual event in our backyard at the Boston Convention Center April 11-14, 2013. Many of us at Equal Exchange will be attending SCAA-related events throughout the week, and we’ll also be hosting a few events of our own.

One of the things that makes Equal Exchange unique is our direct, longterm relationships with both farming communities and in-country quality control professionals, such as cuppers, and the attention to quality development that can happen as a result.
During the SCAA festivities, we’re creating opportunities to connect baristas and cafe owners to these international cuppers. In their everyday work, the cuppers seek to achieve consistent quality at their coffee co-ops, while the baristas are the final link in the chain as they present customers with a perfectly brewed cup. Both are crucial for crafting the highest quality coffee, and we’ll be bringing them together for trainings and collaborations in celebration of the whole process. Join us at our Pop Up Brew Bar on April 12 to meet people from various parts of the coffee process as they brew you a free cup of coffee!
Pop Up Brew Bar
“This is How We Brew It”
Friday, April 12
7:30 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Dewey Square on the Greenway in Boston near the South Station T-stop
Free coffee, meet some cuppers from around the world, and learn more about Equal Exchange!
Stay tuned to @EqExintheCup on Twitter during SCAA for all things coffee.