Our Role as Activists: The Enough Project

Beth Ann Caspersen
August 9, 2013
I first learned about the Enough Project in 2011 while attending Informed Activism: Armed Conflict, Scarce Resources, and Congo at Clark University, during which more than 400 people gathered to talk about our individual efforts working in the Congo. At the time, I didn’t know much about the conflict in the D.R. Congo (DRC) and over the course of two days I was horrified to learn about how mining, sexual violence and child solders contribute to a very complex war. Did the tantalum in my cell phone come from the Congo? How would I know?  
The DRC is plagued by a weak government, a lack of infrastructure and continued violence. Almost two years after conference, the conflict rages on. But there is hope. The coffee we are buying from our partners from SOPACDI in the DRC continues to exceed our expectations and through the Congo Coffee Project we have raised more than $24,000 for the Panzi Hospital. We know that these are important contributions. One of the most important lessons I have learned as an activist is to talk about the issues and to learn about what others are doing. And so, I want to introduce you to an amazing organization called the Enough Project.
Founded in 2007 by activists and Africa experts John Pendergrast and Gayle Smith, the Enough Project aims to end genocide and crimes against humanity. More than six million people have lost their lives in the D.R. Congo. It is rich in natural resources like gold, tantalum, tin and more.  
Many of these minerals are used to fabricate cell phones, laptops and a variety of electronics. International demand for these electronics helps to fuel this complex conflict. But you can help by taking action.  
The Enough Project takes a multifaceted approach that begins with on-the-ground intensive research to identify the problems and then they work to develop practical policies to address the issues. They do this by bringing this information back to people like you and me (concerned citizens), advocates and policy makers, with the goal to prevent, mitigate and resolve crisis of genocide and crimes against humanity. The Enough Project helps to articulate the problems war-torn countries like the D.R. Congo face and provides action steps for us to take.
Learn more about Raise Hope for Congo: A Campaign of the Enough Project. 
Videos to share
I AM CONGO: A beautifully produced video series that highlights five inspiring stores about Congolese people that are working to make a difference. Watch videos >
Conflict Gold 101: Mineral extraction fuels many of the problems faced in the D.R. Congo.  Are you curious about which companies are taking steps to source their minerals responsibly? Watch video >
Resources to take action
Joint Action Card: Together with the Enough Project and the Panzi Foundation, we created this simple, yet descriptive card to help you to start a conversation about the DRC. Download a copy here or request them with your next Equal Exchange order.   
Discussion Guide: Faith-based organizations: Sojourners created this user-friendly guide as an educational tool to talk about the issues in the DRC in your place of worship. You can download it here.
We proudly support their efforts and hope that you will, too!