Show Your Solidarity with the People of Ecuador in the Wake of Earthquake

April 22, 2016

Riobamba, Ecuador
Mexico City, Mexico
April 20, 2016


The organizations and individuals representing the Small Producers’ Symbol (SPP) express our solidarity with the people of Ecuador, its inhabitants in general, and in particular with those earthquake victims and their families. From this space we want to let them know that we sympathize with them as they try to confront this tragedy and the pain that the earthquake has caused them.

On April 16, Ecuador experienced an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 Mw, which has left more than 553 people dead, more than 4,000 wounded and 231 missing.  In addition, thousands of homes and much infrastructure has been either partially or completely destroyed.

 Source:  data – today – of the Attorney General of the State of Ecuador

The Ecuadorian government declared a state of emergency throughout the country and specifically in the provinces of Santa Elena, Manabi, Esmeraldas, Guayas, Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, and Los Rios.

The Small Producers’ Symbol represents 12 co-operative organizations in Ecuador – all part of the SPP family.  Of those twelve, we know that in at least two,  (FONMSOEAM and UOPROCAE) both the infrastructure of the co-operative, and the homes belonging to co-op members have been destroyed.  We are aware that damage has also occurred in several other organizations of small producers in the regions affected by the earthquake.

From the Small Producers ‘ Symbol, we want to convey to our brothers and sisters of Ecuador a message of solidarity and strength at this difficult time and ask for the solidarity and support worldwide.

Likewise, we support the Ecuadorian Coordinator of Fair Trade Organizations in the efforts they are taking at the national level to channel support and solidarity from all of the friends of the small producers of fair trade, and any other person or organization that wants to contribute the reconstruction efforts beginning at the local level.

If you would like to support the organizations that have been affected, you can make a donation and earmark your contribution to the Ecuadorian Earthquake Reconstruction effort.

In the United States, Equal Exchange and Fair World Project have teamed together to collect donations.
Please send a tax-deductible contribution to:
Fair World Project
PO Box 42322
Portland, OR 97242

OR click here to donate through Pay Pal or credit card.

As we get more information on the damage and the appropriate types of support needed, we will let you know.  At the moment, the assessment of damages are still being made.  Sadly, they appear to already exceed by far the already very tragic official figures of dead and wounded.
Small Producers’ Symbol

Building Up together a world of justice and solidarity!

Photo: AP Photo Dolores Ochoa / Univision.Com