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Tricks of the (Fair) Trade

Selling tips for impactful and efficient Fair Trade sales.

  • What To Order

    Choose delicious products your community will love.

  • Display & Storage

    Now that you've received your Fair Trade products, where will you put them all?

  • Manage Shelf Life

    Don't get stuck with leftovers past their best-by date!

  • Get The Word Out

    Educate your community about Fair Trade, and make sure they know about every sale.

  • Recruit & Manage Volunteers

    It takes a village to organize a Fair Trade sale.

  • Sell Efficiently

    Keep your sales running smoothly.

  • Build A Following

    Keep customers coming back for every sale.

  • Draw People to Your Table

    A little creative promotion can go a long way.

  • Go Beyond Your Community

    Reach beyond the walls of your own community.

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