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10 Steps to a Successful School Fundraiser

Virginia Berman
February 18, 2014

Virginia, with her daughters, shares tips for school fundraising

Learn to fundraise from a pro! Virginia Berman, Equal Exchange Community Sales Manager, and mom of two, shares what she's learned from seven years of fundraising in her children's schools: 

  1. Find and build a good team. An effective team consists of folks that bring different skills to the table. Look for the:
    • People Person – We all prefer not to have to nag people, but we need to remind parents in a brief, friendly and positive way. Lots of fundraisers don't reach greater potential simply because busy parents — even those with clear intentions of helping — simply get too busy. Find someone who is great at putting out short, friendly reminders to the parent community throughout the fundraiser.
    • Bean Counter– Someone who is good at counting and keeping track of how the money is coming in.
    • Task Master– It's important to have someone who can keep track of fundraising milestones and will hold the team members, and most importantly, the community, to important deadlines.

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