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Coming Soon: Nuts & Dried Fruit

Ashley Symons
June 20, 2013

We're proud to introduce our new line of nuts and dried fruit! Sourced from around the world, this new line of products provides an alternative to conventional snacking. Through forming Authentic Fair Trade relationships with these producer groups, Equal Exchange is bringing the success of Fair Trade to new markets. You may start seeing these products available in bulk at your local food co-op or natural foods store. Later this summer they'll be available in packages. Keep an eye on our webstore. 


  • Organic Cashews from India & El Salvador
  • Organic Almonds from California 


  • Organic Dried Mangoes from Burkina Faso 
  • Organic Dried Apricots from Pakistan 
  • Organic Dried Pineapples from Uganda
  • Raisins from Chile (yogurt covered, chocolate covered and plain)