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Standing with Food Workers this May Day

Rob Everts
April 27, 2017

If you follow this space you will know we have written and spoken a lot recently about corporate control of the food system. We have analyzed how massive consolidation works against the interest of independent businesses, small and medium-scale farmers, and consumers. We have further looked at the successes and failures of various reform movements and initiatives over the years.

We have focused on what we believe to be broad, systemic issues; we have focused less on the myriad players and constituencies who comprise what we might call the movement for food justice, or food sovereignty. Over time, we hope to explore, interview and share experiences and analyses from many of these people and organizations who share so many common goals in the drive to democratize the food system. 

In the lead up to May Day, we would like to share the voice of a worker in the food service industry.  As you will hear, profits in this industry are often at the expense of exploited workers. We wish to support the hopes and aspirations of food workers too often invisible to consumers, from those who harvest the crops to those so critical to the success of the restaurant and fast food industries.  

Learn more about the Food Chain Workers Alliance and the #May1Strike